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2011.1 New Features

2011.2 New Features

2014.1 New Features

2014.2 New Features

2014.2a New Features

2015.1 New Features

- A -

Access Phone App on your phone

Account Contributors List

Acrobat output


Add a Family Member to a Family

Icon Add a Family Member to a Family
Icon Add a Family Member to a Family

Add drop-down

Add individual to a family

Icon Add a Family Member to a Family
Icon Add a Family Member to a Family

Add names to a family field

Add names to a menu field

Add names to multiple Quick List Categories

Add Names to Quick List

Add New Family

Add New Family Member button

Add users

Address an e-mail

Address Changes dialog

Address changes, tracking

Address E-Mail if Available Print Names

Address fields (Interest File)

Address Priority (Print Names)

Address Settings


Affiliation field

All Learning Experiences Output Form Christian Learning

Alternate Address

Alternate Home Phone field

Anniversaries (Customized Church Directory Format)

Anniversary date field

Apostrophes, removing

Archive File

Archive File Name Search

Archive or delete a name or family

Area Code Convert

Area Codes (Print Names)

ASCII Export

ASCII Export for Church Directory


Attendance (for individuals)

Attendance (Interest File)

Attendance by Phone Number

Attendance Grid

Attendance Selection (Print Names)

Attendance Update dialog

Available to Front Desk field

- B -

Backup Data

Backup Files

Backup Files Location

Backup Information dialog

Baptism date field

Bar code printing in Enter Attendance

Bar codes for Attendance, Print Names

Bar Codes, external

Bar codes, printing for a group of names

Basic Concepts

Birth date field

Birthdays (Customized Church Directory Format)

Blank dates

Browse/Update Archive File


By Experience Christian Learning

By Name Christian Learning

By Roster Christian Learning

- C -



Care Provider, Spiritual

Case Status (Print Names)

Cell phone field

Change Deposit ID

Change Passwords

Check Box Defaults Preference

Check for orphaned names/families

Check in dialog

Check in/out for children

Check out dialog

Child Check in

Child Check in/out

Child Check out

Child Registry dialog

Child Registry Page Print Names

Children's Check in

Children's Check in/out

Children's Check out

Choose the Output Form (Interest File)

Christian Learning

Church & Personal Information Fields (Print Names)

Church Directory - Printing

Church Directory format, customized

Church directory options

Church Directory, phone-based

Church Office Terms

Clear Contributions Data

Clerk Members List Selection

Clerk Report Affiliation Selection

Clerk Report Destination

Clerk Report Output Form

Clerk Report Return Address Selection

Clerk Report Title

Clerk Reports

Clerk Reports to Print

Clerk Starting/Ending Dates

Clerk Update Names

Client computers, connecting

CMD 2011.1 New Features

CMD 2011.2 New Features

CMD e-mail client

CMD for Mac

CMD Lookup

CMD on a Network

CMD Phone App

CMD Preferences

CMD Server, Starting

CMD Tools

CMD Tools Configuration page

CMD Tools Servers page

CMD Tools Startup page

Comments field

Comments Only

Comments, Individual (Interest File)

Comments/Attendance/Visitation button

Confidential (phone) field


Configuration page, CMD Tools

Configuration Update

Connecting a client computer

Contact Information

Contact Preferences




Contributions Breakdown Reports

Contributions Management

Contributions Manager Menu

Contributions Preferences

Contributions Utiltieis

Contributions warning when deleting names

Convert prior data

Create New CMD File

Create new CMD file, local (stand-alone)

Create New Remote/Network CMD File

Customized Church Directory format

- D -

Data conversion

Data saving

Data Warning Dialog

Database Server information

Date Joined field

Date Minder Preferences

Date Minders

Date of First Contact (Interest File)

Date of Last Visit field

Dates Lists

Dates Selection (Print Names)

Dates, updating

Debugging remote connections

Decisions Made (Interest File)

Default Area Code Preference

Define Committees

Define Contributions Accounts

Define Experiences Christian Learning

Define External Bar Codes

Define Pledges

Degree of Interest (Interest File)

Delete a name or family

Delete Family (Interest File)

Delete Family Pictures

Delete Individual Pictures

Delete Names (Interest File)

Delete Names Contributions Warning

Delete users

Deleted names dialog

Deleted names file

Deposit Register

Destination (Print Names)

Directory (print church directory)

Directory options

- E -

eDirectory Export

Edit Pick Lists

Edit Statements Message (Contrib)

Electronic donations import

E-Mail addressing

E-mail client

E-Mail field

E-Mail in CMD

E-mail setup

E-mail, addressing

e-mails, view sent

Enter attendance by Phone Number

Enter Attendance dialog

Enter/Modify/Delete Contributions

Enter/Modify/Delete Names

Enter/Modify/Delete Names Preferences,

Enter/Modify/Delete Organizations

Entering contributions data

Envelope Definition

Envelope Numbers, Printing

Envelope Print Definition


Envelopes (print a single envelope)

Envelopes of Names by Experience Output Form Christian Learning

Error Messages and Codes

Errors, troubleshooting

Ethnicity field

External Bar Codes definition

- F -

Family Comments field

Family Comments, Interest File

Family data area

Family Directory - Printing

Family Members area

Family Name field

Family Name History List

Family Name Only

Family Name Search

Family profile, printing

Family Status

Family Visitation Cards

Fax field

Field-based Selections (Print Names)

File Menu

Find a Person

Find data

First Contact, Date of (Interest File)

First Name field

First Step Selection (Print Names)

First Steps Using CMD

First Use FN Help

Font Selection

Format A

Format B

Format C

Front Desk field

Full Information

- G -

Gender field

General System Reports (Contributions)

Get CMD onto your computer

Gets Newsletter field

Getting Started

Getting started using CMD

Global Field Changes

Global Menu Field Changes

Global Preferences

Goes By field

Goodies Menu

Grid output form

Group E-mail

Group SMS Message

Group Text Message

Groups tab page (Worship Events)

- H -

Handheld scanner for marking attendance

Hide speed buttons

History List field

History List Maintenance dialog

History List, Family Name field

Home Phone (Interest File)

Home Phone field

Hot List

Households List (Print Names)

How/when data is saved

- I -

ID Number

Import Bank Summary

Importing prior data

Include Family in Directory field

Include Individual in Directory field

Include Names with no Address (Print Names)

Include Other CMD File

Include Spouse (Print Names)

Individual Comments (Interest File)

Individual Name Only

Individual Name Search

Individual Names Printing Selection

Individual profile, printing

Individuals data area

Initialization dialog

Initializing CMD

Interest File dialog

Interest File Families in Enter/Modify/Delete Names

Interest File Family Comments

Interest File Home Phone

Interest File Preferences

Interest File, Decisions Made

Interest File, Degree of Interest

Interest File, Individual Comments

Interest File, Lay Contact

Interest File, Learning Activity

Interest File, Materials Received

Interest File, Pastoral Contact

Interest File, Printing

Interest File, Religious Background

Interest File, Source of Interest

International Address

Invert Name

Iterative reports

- J -

Joining Date field

Joining Method field

Joining Specifics field

- L -

Label Text

Labels of Names by Experience Output Form Christian Learning

Last Name field

Last Visit Date field

Lay Contact (Interest File)

Learning Activity (Interest File)

List Names by Experience Output Form Christian Learning

List of pledgers

Loading CMD onto your computer

Local Preferences

Location of backup files

Logout timer

Lookup, CMD

- M -

Mac version

Mac, CMD for

Macros (Print Names)

Mail Address

Mail Fields (Print Names)

Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels (Contributions)


Make reservations for places

Marital Status field

Mark Attendance dialog

Materials Received (Interest File)

Member Household field

Member Household Setup

Member Households List (Print Names)

Members List Preference

Members phone app

Membership Status field

Menu fields display

Menu Items Preference

Menu Scans Utility

Menu Selection Defaults Preference

Menu Selection dialog

Message on postcards


Middle Name field

Miscellaneous Group (Customized Church Directory Format)

Mobile Church Directory

Modify or delete a contribution

Modify/update data later on

Move a person to New Family

Move Individual to New Family

Multiple Quick List categories

Multi-Year Pledge Statements

- N -


& Phone Lists

Name & E-Mail

Name & Phone Lists

Name and Amount Output Form (Contributions)

Name Count Only

Name Formality Preference

Name Formality Selection (Print Names)

Name Only church directory form

Name Only Output Form (Contributions)

Name Search

Name Tag Forms

Name Tag Printer

Name Tag Setup

Name Tags

Name Tags, setting up

Name/Phone List by Experience Output Form Christian Learning

Names Group (Customized Format)

Names Menu

Navigator bar (Enter/Modify/Delete Names)

Networking CMD

Icon Using CMD on a Network
Icon Connect a Client Computer to CMD

New Features

New Features 2014.1

New Features 2014.2

New Features 2014.2a

New Features 2015.1

New Features, 2011.1

New Features, CMD 2011.2

Newsletter List (Print Names)

- O -

Occupation field

Offices field

Offices Reports

Offices terms

One envelope per husband/wife

One label per husband/wife

One postcard per husband/wife

Open CMD File

Organization Comments


Organizations Lookup

Other Phone field

Other Phone Label field

Outlook e-mail addressing

Output Form (Interest File)

Output Forms (Print Names)

- P -

Page Headline (Print Names)

Page Setup for Church Directory


Parish Group (Customized Church Directory Format)

Password protection

Password Update


Icon User Administration
Icon Passwords

Passwords with Contributions

Pastoral Contact (Interest File)

PDF Output

Person Search

Phone App

Phone app access

phone app for members

Phone app for staff

Phone Fields

Phone Number, entering attendance

Phone Tree support

Phone, Home (Interest File)

Pick Lists

Pictorial Church Directory Formats

Pictorial Directory Definition

Picture Specifications


Pie Chart Breakdown

Places reservations, printing

Places, how to reserve

Places, scheduling

Pledge Statement Options

Pledge statements


Pledgers List

Pledges (defining)

Postcard messages


Prayer list

Prayer List Grid


Icon Preferences Menu
Icon CMD Preferences

Preferences (Interest File)

Preferences for Enter/Modify/Delete Names

Preferences, global

Preferences, Local

Preferred method of contact

Print a church directory

Icon Print Names in File
Icon Print a church directory

Print archive information

Print Attendance Forms

Print Attendance Totals

Print Bar Code (Enter Attendance)

Print Contributions Breakdown Reports

Print Control tab page

Print Envelope Numbers List

Print Interest File Names

Print Names SMS/Text Message

Print Names Text Message

Print Office Lists and Terms

Print Organizations

Print Parameters (Interest File)

Print Postcard Message or Response Cards

Print prayer list

Print profile

Print Reports Christian Learning

Print Return Address Labels Utility

Print Return Address on Envelopes

Print Today's Date (Print Names)

Print Totals (Print Names)

Print Visitor Attendance

Printer Selection

Printing Accurate Clerk Reports

Printing Lists and Reports

Printing problems

Problems connecting client computers

Problems with printing

Problems with remote connections

Problems with remote database server

Problems with web server

Profiles, printing

Program Bugs

- Q -

Quick Comments field

Quick List

Quick List Selection (Print Names)

Quick List, adding names

Quick List, multiple categories

Quick Name Entry

Quick start for CMD

- R -

Reassign a Name

Reassign Contributions Data

Regular attender field

Regular Bulk Mail

Religious Background (Interest File)

Remote database server information

Remote database server problems

Remote Database Server Running?

Remote database server software, setup

Remote Database Server Software, Starting

Remove Apostrophe from Menu Fields Utility

Remove users

Reorder family members

Reservations, making for places

Reservations, printing

Residence Address

Response Cards

Restore Data

Retired field

Return Address (Print Names)

Return Address Definition Preference

Rolodex Cards

Rotary Cards

- S -

Save Parameters (Print Names)

Saving data

Scan for Accounts Used (Contrib)

Scan for Blank Accounts (Contrib)

Scan for orphaned contributions

Scanner for marking attendance

School Info Define/View Page

School Info Print Page


Select a name (Contributions)

Select Menu Items as Print Criteria

Select Names for Printing (Interest File)

Selecting Names Using Envelope Numbers (Contributions)

Selection tab page (Print Names)

Send data to Clipboard

Send Text Message, Print Names

Sending e-mail in CMD

Sent e-mails, viewing

Server information

Server Running?

Server software

Server software, setup

Servers page, CMD Tools

Set Offices Terms by Name

Set Parameters (Interest File)

Set Positions & terms by Office List

Set Print Parameters (Interest File)

Set SMS Parameters

Set SMS/Texting Parameters

Set Texting Parameters

Set up CMD

Setting backup parameters

Setup e-mail

Setup Remote Database Server software

Setup Server Software

Setup Web Server

Show Family dialog

Show speed buttons

SMS Accounts

SMS Message, Print Names

SMS Parameters


Sort Order (Print Names)

Source of Interest (Interest File)

Specific Learning Experience Output Form Christian Learning

Specifications for pictures

Speed buttons

Spiritual Care Provider

SS Class/Division

Staff phone app

Start at Top of File (Print Names)

Starting CMD Server

Startup Function

Startup page, CMD Tools


multi-year pledges

Statements for Contributions


Status Markers dialog


Suffix field

- T -

Talents field

Text Message, Print Names

Texting Accounts

Texting Parameters

Timer, log out

Titles field

Tools, CMD

Track Address Changes

Transfer Interest File Family

- U -

Update Passwords

Use Label Field Info if Available (Print Names)

Use Titles (Print Names)

User 1 field

User 2 field

User 3 field

User 4 field

User Administration

User Date Selection for Attendance Entry

User Dates 1-4 fields

User Field Names Preference

Using a scanner to mark attendance

Using CMD on a Network

Using E-Mail in CMD

Using pictures

Utilities for Contributions

- V -

View sent e-mails

Visitation (Interest File)

Visitation Reports

Visitation Selection (Print Names)

Visitation tracking

Visitor Attendance dialog

- W -

Web Access Setup

Web server problems

Web Server Setup

Web-based Phone App


Work phone field

Work/School Info field

Worship Elements tab page (Worship Events)

Worship Events

Worship Events Print tab page

Worship Planner dialog

- Z -

Zip Code Breakdown

Zip Code Inspect/Clean Utility