Learning to Use CMD with Video Training

While there is an extensive, context-sensitive help system in CMD, and download PDF manuals available, we also have a number of short, narrated video training segments that can help you learn about many of CMD’s basic functions and concepts. If you are a visual learner, these training videos can be a great help while you are learning to use CMD. While these are also in the CMD programs themselves, we’ve placed them here as a convenience and also because the Fully Hosted CMD’s platform does not allow web access (for security reasons), so the links within CMD on the Fully Hosted platform do not work. So we have duplicated them here. As you view them, you might notice some slight changes in the way the screens look from the version of CMD that you are using. That’s because we are always adding/expanding CMD’s feature set. However, the core functionality or concept we are trying to teach in a specific video will be applicable even when minor changes are made to a given dialog or function. To view any of these videos, be sure to enable Flash player in your browser, and have your speakers or headphones turned on. Here’s a list of training videos currently available: Basic/Introductory How to Enter a Family into CMD’s Data File How to Use the Family Name Field Correctly How to Enter Individuals/Family Members Create a New Family and Moving a Name to It Reassign a Name to an Existing Family Print Names Customized Church Directory Format - CMD Classic Pie Chart Breakdowns Texting Creating Responses for Text Messages Spiritual Care Providers/Visitation Team Tools Spiritual Care Providers Basic Intro Spiritual Care Providers dialog Setting Up CMD Access for Spiritual Care Providers Spiritual Care Providers Overview and General Opertion Interest File Adding a Family to the Interest File Add an Individual to the Interest File Printing Interest File Names Transferring Names/Families in your main CMD File When is Data Saved? Working with Interest File Menus SnapShot Using SnapShot