Fully Hosted CMD Software

Giving you the most flexibility, power, and features

Why would you want to consider using CMD on a monthly or annual subscription? There are many advantages to doing so. Read on! First, one quick word about the cost. The modest monthly or annual charges required for the Fully Hosted CMD are for gaining access to the hosted platform. We provide the most current version of our software as a part of that package. So even though the cost is a bit more, it’s a high-value cost.

PCs and Macs at the same time!

The Fully Hosted CMD platform actually has the ability to serve both PCs and Macs at the same time. CMD applications will still be Windows applications, but they work just fine on the Mac as well. That means that you can have any mixture of PCs and Macs accessing CMD together as needed in your situation.

No Connection Worries

Connecting all your computers together in a network for proper access to a database can be a daunting task, especially so if you want to provide for remote access - access from any internet-connected computer that any member of your staff uses either at the office or away from the office. The Fully Hosted CMD platform becomes the central hub of your church ministry software, and all computers connect to the software via a small “thin client” application that gets installed on each computer that will be using CMD. When you want to log in, you simply call up the thin client application on your computer, and you will be presented with a login page where you enter a user name and password to gain access to all the applications in the CMD system. No connection fuss. No networking settings to change on your computers or in your router. This is the simplest connection possible!

We Set You Up and Keep You Going!

We handle all the setup chores for you. And when there’s an update to the software, you don’t have to download and install it. We do all of that for you on the hosted system. You never have to worry about being a system administrator. We assume all that for you so you can just relax and be a user of the software, not a software engineer who is tasked to keep it going!

Always the Latest Software Versions

As long as you are a subscriber of the Fully Hosted CMD system, we will always keep your software up-to-date automatically for you. When we have an update to CMD ready, we will automatically place the update on your secure CMD space, and make any changes necessary to your data to work with the new update. And since the subscription service is ongoing, you won’t have to worry about a new update the next year. It’s always automatically incorporated into the regular, low monthly cost for the service. So you always have the latest version of CMD without the bother of ever installing any updates. You just keep using CMD!

Free Use of Our Tablet and Phone Apps

The tablet and phone apps add tremendous value to the Fully Hosted CMD system because they enable you to access your data wherever you are (as long as you have a cell or wifi signal). You use the same CMD user name and password to access the data on these apps, and you can view and modify virtually item of data that’s recorded about a person in your database. And, access through these apps does not count against the number of concurrent users you for which you have subscribed.

Safety for Your Data

There are three ways you get data security with the Fully Hosted CMD system. First, there is a full nightly backup of all the servers done at the hosting company. Second, you can make backups of your CMD data any time you wish, and you can download them easily to your own separate computers or media. Third, we occasionally go in to all our users’ virtual servers and download a copy of your latest backup for additional safekeeping (unless you direct us not to do this). All this means that should you (or even your private remote virtual server) suffer a catastrophic failure, we will always data that’s within a few days old that can be restored.

It’s Your Data

Even though your data is housed on a remote, private virtual server, the data is yours. No one at the hosting company looks at your data. And even if they did, it wouldn’t mean anything because all the important data tables are encrypted. It’s your data for your own private use in your ministry. And should you ever opt out of the hosted system, there are low-cost options for obtaining the current version of the software that matches your data that you will be able to restore into the stand-alone or networked version of CMD whenever you wish.

Our Gracious Host

CMD’s hosted service is provided by ACS Technologies in Florence, S.C. We are grateful for their extended hand to our users to gain access to the very smart technology that their hosting allows. ACS is a major player in the church software world, and their hosting platform is fully professional with all the requisite security and power backup that you’d want.

Your Private Virtual Server

When you subscribe, we immediately set up CMD in one of the virtual private server spaces that have been assigned to Software for Ministry. These virtual private servers are not visible to anyone else other than those to whom they are assigned. There is virtually unlimited disk and memory space available to handle your instance of CMD. No one will know your login information other than those with whom you share it, so your private ownership and use of it is very protected. No one can access your private server space unless they know your login. And even if they should discover this login information, they will still need to know how to log in to CMD itself in order to gain access to your data.

Protection from Catastrophic Data Loss

Because both the software and your data are physically located on the virtual private server, you won’t lose your CMD program or data if your computer crashes. In the highly unlikely event of a problem at the hosted site, we will still have backups of your data (if you allow us to) that, at worst, only go back a few weeks. We can get you set up and going again in short order in that case. If the crash is on your computer, we can get you backup up and connected to your CMD program and data just as soon as you have a working computer again.

Opting Out

You may cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time you choose. If you wish to continue to use CMD on your own computer, you must update to the current version of CMD at the current update price. If you cancel an annual subscription, you may apply the remaining prorated balance leftover from your subscription to the update cost.

Monthly or Annual Costs

You may select either monthly or annual subscriptions. While an annual subscription may seem more convenient, a monthly subscription can be viewed by your church board as an ongoing expense much like your monthly phone and internet bills. If the costs for your ministry software can be thought of in those terms, then you won’t have to ask for a new appropriation each year to keep your software updated. The subscription’s cost is based on the number of concurrently-connected users for which you need to provide for your ministry setting. CMD itself doesn’t have a limit on the number of users you can define, but the hosted service does. So think carefully about the number of people in your ministry setting who might have the need to access CMD at the same time. And remember, the connections are exclusive of phone and tablet apps. They do not count against the number of concurrently-connected users.

Concurrent Connections Cost

Users Monthly Annual 1 $14.95 $179.40 2 $19.95 $239.40 3 $23.95 $287.40 4 $27.95 $335.40 5 $30.95 $371.40 6 $33.95 $407.40 7 $36.95 $443.40 8 $39.95 $479.40 9 $42.95 $515.40 10 $44.95 $539.40

How to Demo the Fully Hosted CMD System

You can demo the actual Fully Hosted CMD system if you want to see exactly what it is like. In order to do this, you’ll need to download and install the thin client application for your platform (PC or Mac), and log in to our demo site. It is a live demo, meaning you can play around with any of the program’s features, including the phone and tablet apps. If you’d like to try the demo, you’ll need to download and install the thin client application that gives you access to the hosted system. Click here for instructions.

How to Subscribe

If you are ready to proceed with the Fully Hosted CMD system, click here to start your subscription.

Still Have Questions?

If you still need more information on the Fully Hosted CMD system, please e-mail us at: info@softwareforministry.com.
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Fully Hosted CMD Software

Giving you the most flexibility, power,

and features

Why would you want to consider using CMD on a monthly or annual subscription? There are many advantages to doing so. Read on! First, one quick word about the cost. The modest monthly or annual charges required for the Fully Hosted CMD are for gaining access to the hosted platform. We provide the most current version of our software as a part of that package. So even though the cost is a bit more, it’s a high-value cost.

For a Single User

If there is likely to be only one person who will be using the software, all you need is the Single User version. The program and its data will reside on your computer, and only you will be able to access it. The cost of this version is $279.95 USD* for the download version. * All prices quoted in this web site are in USD, and are subject to change (although our prices tend to be very stable). Currently, CMD is a Windows-based software system. Note however, that Mac computers can access and use CMD on the Fully Hosted CMD System right along with Windows-based PCs. So if you have a Mac, take a close look at the Fully Hosted CMD System described on this page.

Networking for Multiple Users

If you have a network in your church office and have multiple staff members who need to be able to access and use the software, you will need to purchase the Remote Database Server software that is proprietary to our database engine for an additional $99.95 beyond the basic cost of $279.95. The Remote Database Server software allows you to connect any number of computers connected to your office network. Each computer in your network will have its own copy of the CMD software, but the software on each computer will access the same physical data file. This means that a change/addition/deletion of any information made on one computer will be immediately available to all the other users on your network.

Fully Hosted CMD System

The Fully Hosted CMD System allows for users to access CMD from staff members’ home or laptop computers in addition to the computers in their office. An internet connection is required to access the CMD using the hosted system. The cost of the Fully Hosted CMD System is based on the number of users you need to be able to access CMD at the same time. The subscription cost can either be paid monthly (through PayPal on most any major credit card), or annually. Users of the Fully Hosted CMD System always have the latest version of the CMD software, which we maintain for you. The actual program and data are both housed together offsite in your own private virtual server space to which no other user has access. The company that hosts CMD is a full-bore professionally owned and operated server farm with backup power, nightly backups, and redundant connections to the internet. This company is one of the major church software suppliers in existence, and has been around about as long as we have. This option also provides a number of free smartphone and tablet web-based apps that you can access from anywhere you have a connection (wifi or a cell connection). See below for more info on the smart phone and tablet apps. Click More Info above to see all the great reasons to consider this option as well as to find out how to demo the CMD on the actual fully hosted system.
More Info

CMD and your phone

There are currently 3 phone apps: An app for staff members, which includes the ability to view and modify virtually any item of data, including visitation records A phone attendance tracking app A phone app for general membership to use as a phone-based church directory that’s always updated Each of these apps are password protected and access your data in real time. There are plans to add additional phone apps in the near future. Click More Info above to see screen grabs of the phone apps and even do a live demo.

CMD and your tablet

In addition to the phone apps, we’ve created apps sized for tablets such as iPads and Droid tablets. Already we have: A tablet app for staff members, which, like the staff phone app, allows you to access and modify virtually of a name’s data, including visitation records An attendance tracking app Soon we expect to add apps for visitation tracking (for your elders or visitation team members to use), an app to track interests in your church (great for your outreach director), and an app that allows members to view their personal conbtributions data without having to bother the church treasurer (and don’t worry, that one’s password protected, too!). To see a demo of either the attendance app or the staff tablet app, click the More Info button above.

How much do these apps cost?

These apps are all free to users of the CMD Hosted System. The apps themselves are maintained on the hosted site, and each church has its own URL to access their own private data. That means that you don’t actually have to download and install apps on your device. You simply open your device’s web browser, navigate to the URL (which we supply to you when you subscribe to the CMD Hosted System), and the app pops up allowing you to access your data. The apps use the same user names and passwords that you define for your users in the main CMD applications.