CMD Staff Tablet App

This app is designed for staff eyes only because it gives you acces to most of the information you have stored about people in your CMD database. The user names and passwords used to gain access are the same ones you use to enter CMD itself (not the user name and password for the hosted system). To demo the CMD Staff Tablet app, click here. Enter cmddemo for both the user name and password. For instructions on how to use it, either as a demo or when using it with your own data, read on!

Logging In

When the tablet app first appears, you’ll see its login page, which looks like this: At this point (if you are using the demo), enter cmddemo for both the user name and password. If you are logging in to see your own data, then enter your CMD user name and password. After entering it, tap (or click) Login. After you are in, you’ll see a page with a Name Search function: To find a name, start typing in the last name of the person you want to view. You will be moved deeper into the list with each letter you type. When you find the name you want, tap on it to hightlight, and then tap the View button up near the top. If you are viewing the demo, we suggest you look at John Andrews, as highlighted to the left. Once you have tapped the View button, the screen will clear and display the main information page of the tablet app. Note that you can see all the names of the family listed in the upper left corner, and the name you searched for is the one that’s highlighted. The information displayed on the rest of the page is always related to the individual in the family whose name is currently highlighted. As you can see from the screen grab on the right, the information for John Andrews is displayed, including the family picture (if there is one). You can tap on any of the fields to edit the information that’s there. If you make a change, you will need to tap the Save Changes button in order for it to stick. If you have several changes to make, make them all first then tap Save Changes. If you wish to view or record visitation information, tap Visits. To alter or view a date other than the birth date, open the drop-down list below the Select Date header, and select the date you wish to view. Open the drop-down lists on any of the menu fields to change them. If you wish to view the multi-choice menus (Church Offices, Talents, Activities, User 1 and User 2), you’ll need to open the drop-down box that says Select a Menu. Once you’ve selected the menu, tap the View/Edit Menu button directly underneath that selection, and a new screen will appear which will show you the choices on your selected menu that have been saved for the individual you are displaying. You can add other menu choices to the name’s file, and you can also remove any of the menu choices from a name’s file. If you wish to view Comments for the invidiual, tap the Comments button in the lower right corner of the page. A new page will appear where you can view or enter more comments as needed. Note that you may need to scroll your device a bit to see the fields at the bottom of the screen.

Family Information

If you wish to view/edit information that’s common to the family, tap the Family Info button that’s between and at the bottom of the names list and the picture. On this page, you can update either the Residence or Mail address fields, and all the other fields that are specific to the Family Information area in CMD. Note also that you can call up the Family Comments page by tapping that button.

This is Important!

CMD’s phone and tablet apps are sort of a cross between a regular app and a web page. While they are accessed on the web and displayed in your browser, there is one area where they do not function as you might expect. When you are ready to leave a page, always use the Close button! If you don’t, you’ll find yourself back at the login page, and you will have to log in again. So make sure that you always use the Close button on any page where there is one.

One Final Word

Because the URL for the apps is rather lengthy, we suggest that before you log in for the very first time, that you save the login page to your device’s home page so that you can get back to the login page just by clicking its icon.