Fully-hosted option Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription to our fully-hosted version of CMD at any time you wish. Ownership of your data remains with you. Any applicable refund that applies to your cancellation varies according to whether or not you wish to continue using your CMD after cancellation, and also if you used CMD prior to signing on to use the hosted version. If you used CMD prior to using the hosted version If you wish to revert to a self-hosted version of CMD, you must update to the current version at the current update price. We will provide you with a copy of your data from your hosted site that you can restore into the CMD you set up on your own computer. If the hosted version was your first CMD version and you want to continue to use CMD on your own computer We will calculate how much you have spent in subscription costs whether as a monthly or annual subscription, and we will apply those costs toward a full copy of the self-hosted CMD. If you have not yet equalled or surpassed the cost of the full version of CMD, you will be billed for the difference between what you’ve already paid and the full cost (currently $279.95). If your subscription payments have exceeded the full cost, then we will provide you with the current version of CMD for the difference between what you have paid and what the full version costs. However, we are unable to refund any subsciption costs that have gone beyond the cost of the full version of CMD. If you do not wish to use CMD at all after cancellation We will coach you on how to print out a final set of reports of your data, and also how to export an ASCII text file of most of your data that you can possibly use to import into another application for use there. There are no refunds available regardless of the amount of subscription costs you’ve paid if this is your cancellation option.